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Dog Notecard and Breed Index

WHAT'S IN STOCK: Almost all breeds below are in stock. To order cards, please phone me and while you are on the phone I'll gather the card(s) you want and give you a total due. You may then mail a check or pay with your credit card (thru PayPal). Ph.608-624-5511  9AM-9PM CENTRAL TIME, 7 DAYS A WEEK.
Price: $3.00 per card, includes shipping the card to you. No minimum order is required.

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CHOOSE A BREED BELOW  ( not in alphabetical order ) :
 Herding breeds
Sporting breeds
Golden Retriever » cards and notecards
Labrador Retriever » cards, golden lab cards, yellow lab cards, black lab cards
Flatcoated Retriever » cards, flatcoat cards and notecards
Chesapeake Bay Retriever » cards, Chessie cards and notecards

Irish Setter » cards and notecards
Gordon Setter » cards and notecards
English Setter » cards and notecards
Brittany Spaniel » cards, Brittany notecards
Irish Water Spaniel » cards and notecards
Welsh Springer Spaniel » cards and notecards
English Cocker Spaniel » cards and notecards
English Springer Spaniel » cards and notecards
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel » cards and notecards
American Cocker Spaniel » cards and notecards

Vizsla » cards, Hungarian Vizsla cards, Hungarian Viszla Cards
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon » cards, German Wirehaired pointer cards
German Shorthaired Pointer » cards and notecards
Terrier breeds
Norfolk Terrier » cards
Norwich Terrier » cards
Cairn Terrier » cards
West Highland White Terrier » Westie cards
Welsh Terrier » cards
Parson Jack Russell Terrier » cards
Kerry Blue Terrier » cards
Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier » cards, and Wheaton Terrier cards
Border Terrier » cards
Bull Terrier » cards
Rat Terrier » cards
Jack Russell Terrier » cards
Airedale » Airedale Terrier cards, airdale terrier cards

Boston Terrier » boston terrier notecards and note cards for sale
Working breeds
Samoyed » cards
Siberian Husky » cards, Sibe cards
Alaskan Malamute » cards, Mal cards

Rottweiler » cards, Rottie cards
Dobermann Pinscher »cards, Dobe cards and notecards
Mastiff » cards and notecards
Bullmastiff » cards and notecards
Doberman » cards, Dobe cards, red Dobe cards, Black Dobe cards
Boxer » cards and notecards
Great Dane » cards, Harlequine Great Dane note cards

Newfoundland » cards, Newfie Cards and Newfy cards and notecards
Great Pyrenees » cards, Pyr Cards and Pyreness Mountain Dog cards
Saint Bernard » cards and notecards
Portuguese Water Dog » cards, Portie cards and notecards

Bernese Mountain Dog » cards, Berner cards, Burmese Mountain Dog cards
Toy breeds
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel » cards and notecards
Maltese » cards and notecards
Poodle » cards and notecards
Pug » cards and notecards
Pomeranian » cards and notecards, Pom cards
Papillon » cards and notecards
Shih Tzu » cards and notecards
Italian Greyhound » cards and notecards, IG cards
Miniature Pinscher » cards and notecards, Min Pin cards
Hound breeds
Basset » cards, Bassett Hound notecards
Basenji » cards and notecards
Beagle » cards and notecards
Bloodhound » cards and notecards
Dachshund » cards and notecards, Miniature Dachshund cards
Wirehaired Dachshund » cards and notecards
Basset Hound » notecards Bassett Hound cards
Irish Wolfhound » note cards
Saluki » cards and note cards. sighthound cards
Rhodesian Ridgeback » note cards, Rhodesian cards, Ridgeback notecards
Whippet » cards and notecards
Non-Sporting breeds
Bulldog » cards and notecards
Bichon Frise » cards and notecards
Chow Chow » note cards, red Chow Chow cards, Black Chow Chow cards
Dalmatian » note cards, Dalmation cards
Keeshond » note cards, Keeshonden cards, Keeshound cards
Lhasa Apso » notecards
Shar Pei » notecards, Chinese Shar Pei cards
Poodle » cards and notecards
English Bulldog » cards and notecards
Standard Poodle » Poodle cards, miniature poodle note cards

Boston Terrier » boston terrier notecards and note cards for sale
Janet L. Wissmann, Watercolorist
PH 608-624-5511  9am-9pm Central Time every day -  Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin


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